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Nosocomial Infection Prevention News

Ask The Care Expert: Sherri Dornberger

5 June, 2017

"With all of the talk about infection prevention, I was wondering is there any literature or information on storing our updraft and oxygen tubing?"


KNVN News Feature Story

27 September, 2016

Evolution of Bacteria - Harvard Medical School

13 September, 2016

Antibiotic Resistance Poses Serious Threat

7 Jan, 2016

Failing to address the scourge of antibiotic-resistant bacteria will deny patients the benefits of scientific advancements and threaten thousands of lives, a new study from the Center for Disease, Dynamics, Economics & Policy suggests.


Infection Control Can Reduce Costs, Improve Outcomes

5 Jan, 2015

Hospital intensive-care units carry a higher risk of mortality among elderly who develop an infection during their stay, according to a new study. Infection control efforts resulted in better health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, the study also reports.


Infection Prevention Products, Inc. Exhibits the IP-Pouch at CAHF Convention

Come visit Infection Prevention Products, Inc. at booth #145
CAHF 63rd Annual Convention & Expo
Convention: November 10 – 13, 2013
Expo: November 11 & 12, 2013

Visit the event page

Infection Prevention Products, Inc. Proud Sponsor for Nosocomial Infection Prevention Training

9 Sept, 2013

Infection Prevention Products, Inc. is proud to be sponsoring an in-depth course on infection prevention and control designed to prepare the IP (infection preventionist) in the long-term care setting to administer a nosocomial infection control program. This two-day course will cover topics such as Surveillance, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Management of MDROs, Outbreak Management, Employee Health and many other topics presented by experts in the field. The IP will gain knowledge on how to educate other healthcare staff on the basics of healthcare-associated infection.

September 16-18, 2013 • Foster City
8am-5pm both days
Crowne Plaza Foster City
1221 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA 94404

September 23-25, 2013 • Anaheim
8am-5pm both days
Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort
12021 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove, California 92840

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Hospitals see surge of nosocomial infection fighting products

1 May, 2013

They sweep. They swab. They sterilize. And still the germs persist. In U.S. hospitals, an estimated 1 in 20 patients pick up infections they didn't have when they arrived, some caused by dangerous 'superbugs' that are hard to treat. The rise of these superbugs, along with increased pressure from the government and insurers, is driving hospitals to try all sorts of new approaches to stop the spread of nosocomial infections...


The Rise of Superbugs Called ‘Apocalyptic Scenario’

16 March, 2013

A prominent British health official has declared the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs so grave a threat that the world is now facing an “apocalyptic scenario” in which people die of nosocomial infections...


Prevention of Cross-Transmission of Microorganisms Is Essential to Preventing Outbreaks of Hospital-Acquired Infections

16 March, 2013

Background Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are becoming increasingly common worldwide and occur during more than two million hospitalizations in the United States each year1. Due to an increase in invasive procedures and a growing resistance to antibiotics, HAIs have increased by 36% in the last 20 years and are consuming more health care dollars each year. The burdens these infections place on our health care system can be divided into three categories...


Survival of Enterococci and Staphylococci on Hospital Fabrics and Plastic

16 March, 2013

RESULTS All staphylococci tested survived for at least 1 day on all fabrics and plastic (Table (Table1).1). Staphylococcal viability was longest on polyester (1 to 56 days) and on polyethylene plastic (22 to >90 days). There was a tendency for the size of the microbial inoculum to increase the survival time of the CNS tested; however, even a few hundred bacteria survived for days on most fabrics (Table (Table2).2)...


The Nose – “Ground Zero” for MRSA colonization

16 March, 2013

A new study, published online ahead of print this month in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, takes perhaps the closest look to date at sites of MRSA colonization on the human body.1 This work, funded by 3M Healthcare, looked at MRSA carriage in 60 patients admitted to Rhode Island Hospital over a 1-year period...


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